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The Studio

Hi there, so glad you found us. It's Kiasm.

Let us tell you a bit more about our Studio.

The concept of our essence is mixing different static elements and forms to create dynamic and alive content.

Kiasm explores the theme of intertwining on various levels: between nature and culture, object and space, movement and static, light and material.

Why Kiasm?

Our name is based on the Italian word of "Chiasmo" which describes the famous pose that we can find in the iconic "Bronzi di Riace" or "David di Michelangelo" statues. The opposing positions of the limbs, an alternative to the previous stiffly static pose, vastly enlarged the expressive possibilities of figure sculpture, giving to them a great sense of dynamic balance.

In summary, research and exploration, which are also the foundation of our workflow.

Behind the Screen

Antonello Gallo.jpg

Antonello Gallo

Adriano Cirigliano.jpg

Adriano Cirigliano

Luca Paolo Massaroli.jpg
Dominika Meres.jpg

Dominika Meres

Luca Paolo Massaroli

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